21 November 2016

John Carpenter Pixel Art

I've been teaching pixel art to students - it's a new technique to me, so I need a bit of practice.  This is one of my better ones - a none-more-80s icon for a none-more-80s illustration style.

18 November 2016

Inktober 2016

After years of watching from the sidelines I finally took part in Inktober this year, indulging in my Little Portraits and love of horror movies to create a Halloween Advent Calendar of horror movie villains and monsters.  Aside from some missed days and catch-up days, I penciled and inked one of these every day throughout the month of October.  Once I've made some tweaks and revisions, a print version will be forthcoming.

31 October 2016

The Wild Wood

My piece for Gallery1988's Tiny Tales: Art Inspired By Children's Books exhibition, in conjunction with Tree And The Rock, which ran this weekend in Los Angeles.  A limited run of prints were available from the gallery but sold out.  The rest of the collection can be viewed here.

Can I Have A Piece Of Toast?

My piece for Gallery1988's Crazy 4 Cult X show, which opened last week in Los Angeles.  A limited run of prints are available (both framed and unframed) from the gallery here.

31 August 2016

Last Survivor Of The Nostromo

This one was inevitable after the Aliens set and much requested.  I'm not sure why it took me so long to get round to it.  Alien has been part of my life for as long as I can remember and gets better every time I watch it.  Someone on Twitter suggested adding the chestburster to Kane's portrait and I was furious with myself for not thinking of it.  Expect an alternative version to appear soon.

9 August 2016


A less well-known one this.  The Final Girls was one of my favourite films of last year - a witty, inventive slasher movie parody with heart and genuine drama.  It has cult favourite written all over it and I really hope that it builds the kind of audience it deserves.  I've never had a request for one these from someone who actually made the film but I did for this one and was more than happy to oblige.